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torsdag 25. oktober 2012

Time for tea

I forgot to post some pictures of my tea collection.. I have now tried all of them, and my favourite is Rooibush and Vanilla although the Camomile and Lavender is exquisite as well. It really is tea time. Autumn has arrived, and I have not seen the sun in two weeks. It has been raining and foggy, and I have managed to get a little cold. Luckily (or hard-workingly), I have been able to keep on top of my reading nevertheless, but it has kept me from my running routine and I am getting a bit annoyed with my constant coughing and sniffing. Fingers crossed it is soon over.

søndag 21. oktober 2012

The Parisian Party

What is the one thing you must do when in London? Go to a proper Parisian party. Mais oui.

Last night (Saturday) was a blast. It was oh-so-French and oh-so-cool in the way only Parisians know. I was originally just going to pop by with my friend, Hodo, and some of her friends, after having met for a glass of Chablis at a local pub. However, I ended up staying till the wee hours, and left only when the hosts turned on the lights (as in the Parisian way of politely saying - we had fun - now fuck off). 

The flat was located just behind Marble Arch and was really big, filled with Louis the XIV chairs and mirrors, with black and white pictures on the walls, and a wide screen with Stanley Kubrick films and Film Noir films running silently in the background. Of course, the whole flat was filled with lit candles, and in the ladies' there were hotel-style-handkerchieves rolled with silk ribbons neatly in a basket. Of course, there were French food - although I did not eat any as I arrived from a bar and had had my load of French fries (not sure the French would have approved. Tsk tsk). And there were French people, Italian people, and the random Norwegian. All dancing, talking, smoking, randomly chatting up or intensely conversing. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what it was that made it so great. It certainly had the touch of "je ne sais quoi". Already looking forward till my next Paris event.

Today, I have been reading Business law and Criminal procedure law and done the random grocery shopping. I haven't managed to go for a run since Monday last week as the weather has been really bad those times I had a run planned. This week I will just have to be a bit more flexible and go for a run when the sky is clear/it's not raining. 

Hodo and I at the Parisian Party

lørdag 20. oktober 2012

Chia rolls and goodness

Today, finally, was my parcel with nuts, seeds, cocoa, vanilla pods, coconut milk and lots of other yummyness delivered at the door. Door delivery of food is such a lux feeling, and I really wish you had that in Norway too. Really something of a business idea! Anyways, after having had goats cheese and tomatoes for breakfast I got really hungry and decided to make some chia bread rolls after a recipe I have found here. I made a double recipe, so 6 big rolls are now in the owen and I cannot wait to taste them. I changed the recipe a bit as I didn't have oatmeal, but I used almond flour instead, so fingers crossed.

I also bought some really nice teas yesterday, and I will try them out with the rolls for late lunch. I am soon finished with PCR, and have one session in Business law to prepare before I can take the day off. Fingers crossed I will be finished so I can go for a run before dinner/sunset.

Pictures will follow shortly :) Picture posted.. Have a great Saturday!

fredag 19. oktober 2012

Good morning

Good morning :) 

Do you sometimes wake up with a feeling that you can do anything? It is the best feeling in the world. Especially after a couple of days where you have woken up and just wanted to go back to sleep.. 

Today is such a day, and I have my fingers crossed I will be able to finish off my PCR workbook, go to my criminal procedural law session, and have time for a run. 

Autumn has clearly arrived here in London. I haven't been able to take any pics yet, so I am sharing with you a photo from my favourite fashion blogger Bryanboy. I love it because of its fragility and beauty. Don't you agree?

onsdag 17. oktober 2012

How hair clips can be used

Haha. I just had to share with you my newest use of my glittery hair clips. Perhaps the final proof that I am a proper geek/student. I seriously need to buy some proper clips soon, though, but in the mean time, this is a great way of keeping my system :)

Today is all about Professional Legal Conduct, btw. Not the most exciting, but very important if you want to keep your legal job :p

I am also waiting for my online shopping of nuts, seeds, cocoa and oils. I am contemplating making muesli and chocolate sometime soon. And carrot cake - if I can get my mum or my sister to send the recipe to me.. Craving for carrot cake nowadays. Not just any carrot cake, but the world's best carrot cake. Seriously.

tirsdag 16. oktober 2012

Property and Piano

Getting up today was painful. Somehow I did not manage to go to sleep last night until quite late, and ended up having a rapture of artsiness in the middle of the night. Who would not find their window and water glass in the dark fascinating? Or even beautiful - in a dark and mysterious way?

After my 9am Business Law class today I went home, made some pancakes while listening to Badura-Scoda and Demus playing Schubert. Breathtakingly beautiful. The two old, pianists are playing with such feeling it touches my heart.. Magical. I just had to share it :)

Now, it is time to continue with my property reading for Thursday's class - while listening to the two magicians. Enjoy your Tuesday!

søndag 14. oktober 2012

Sunny Sunday

This weekend has passed by so quickly. I have been super focused on studying - finishing off preparing for 5 sessions coming week. I had to turn down a very tempting offer of going for a glass of wine Saturday, but I do not regret it at all as I feel very much prepared to do what is next on my list; to finish the Wills and Administration of Estates workbook and reading (which apparently is a lot) and finish the Professional Conduct and Regulation Workbook by next weekend. I might not be able to do it, but at least I can try..

I have also managed to go for two runs in Battersea Park. One on Friday after class, and one today (Sunday). My Friday run was 9km and my Sunday run was 7,5km. I am so glad I bought a new wind proof running jacket and head band as it was quite cold under the heavy crowned trees in the park. However, running with the sun on my face along the Thames made me realise it is not yet proper autumn. The sun was warm, and I am sure I got a real vitamin D boost. Me love.

What else is there to update? Not much. I have my advocacy mock exam tomorrow. Fingers crossed for that. I will act for the claimant in a case where the defendant has not paid the purchase price for delivery of silk fabric. The defendant has applied to court for an extension of time for submitting its defence. I am resisting the application on behalf of the claimant.It is all good fun, but nerve wracking. I am having the actual exam in two weeks time.

For a Sunday smile I am sharing a pic I find hilarious:

onsdag 10. oktober 2012

Cash swoosh

Sometimes I can be a bit reckless when it comes to spending. Normally, I only buy things I need, or do things I have been thinking of for a while, but when I do it all in one go it feels like my bank account suffers more... Today, I went and had a hair cut at Number 10. And yes. As the name suggests, this is not cheap. It is my closest hair dresser, and I did not ask about the price (stupidly enough) as I was going to just have a trim. 30 minutes and 10 cm later, I was confronted with having to pay almost 100 pounds. I tried not to look bothered, and paid by card. Swoosh. I guess that is the down side living in Chelsea.. Then, as if I hadn't already spent enough, I went shopping for running gear. New trainers from Asics, Skins (running trousers) and Gore wind proof jacket. It was all so expensive I was given socks for free... Swoosh. Then I thought I would better finish off all the other shopping I had planned, and went and bought vitamins, shampoo, conditioner and other "necessary stuff". Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.

Me and my Number 10 hair plus the results from my shopping spree

tirsdag 9. oktober 2012

Just another day

Today is grey and chill, with autumn leaves on the ground. I slept in today - and woke up at 10.30am. Eeeks. I know. Very late. It is something I rarely do, but I have been feeling tired and out of sorts lately, so I figured I needed to catch up with some sleep. And that was indeed a good idea. I have been very effective today, and the day is not yet over. I have been doing a lot of Business Law, and I just got back from a run in Battersea Park - two laps - and my longest run to date. And I felt fine the whole way. Now I am going shopping at Sainsbury's. I am in desperate need for some food as my fridge has been suffering from my studiousness lately, and all that is left is ryevita, butter, French mustard and quinoa.

Also - in a moment of boredom the other day I was surfing the Net, and I found the most amazing trousers from Cameo.. Dark blue with black details. Me loves! I do not think it is possible to send it to London, but I might as well send it to my parents house in Norway for collection when I get back at xmas.. I can imagine wearing them with some black pumps and a lush wool sweater. What do you think?

søndag 7. oktober 2012

Sunday catch up

This weekend has just passed by so quickly.. I am finally finished with Solicitors Accounts - both the work book and the hand in exercise. It took ages, as it is almost hundred pages, but I quite enjoyed it. I used to love maths at school, but doing law you never really get to calculate anything (except for damages in certain cases). So I think my brain appreciates a bit of numbers and calculations.. Tonight is all about civil litigation.

Yesterday, I went for a late run (after spending the whole day with Solicitors Accounts), but I was not feeling it, and my leg started acting up. So I ended up having to walk a bit, and only did one lap. Thus, it was my slowest 'run' to date, and I was home way after sun set. The bridges over Thames are so beautiful lit up - I will have to show you some time.

Today has also been a Solicitors Accounts day, but I had a break where I cleaned the flat. It feels so nice to be rid off the dust and not see the random 'dust rabbit' (No: "hybelkanin") :)

Also - Pegs and I went out last night for a glass of wine and ended up cycling around in Chelsea. I cannot describe the feeling of freedom you get from cycling in London after dark. It is just great. We ended up at our local pub/bar - The Orange - which is really nice.

Pegs & Cat

lørdag 6. oktober 2012

The Tea Party Experience

Ok. "Hold på hatten" as we say in Norway.. I have found the most exciting tea party experience to date. I have not yet tried it myself, but it is definitely on my list of things to do before I leave London.

The Sanderson's, which is located at 50 Berners Street, has something they call "Mad Hatters Tea". As you can see from the description under, this is a fanciful take on Alice in Wonderland's tea experience. What is not to love? Definitely a must for a London visit, no?

The menu includes ´Eat Me’ Queen of Hearts contains a strawberry and cream mousse and ‘Drink Me’, an enticing looking bottle containing a wonderful potion of Passion fruit Jelly, Coconut Panna cotta and Exotic Foam, this bizarre concoction will send taste buds hatter crazy with each sip delivering a totally different and contrasting taste experience as you drink through the layers with a straw. Guests will be grinning like Cheshire Cats after blueberry lollipops turn their tongues from hot to cold and hazelnut praline ice cream lollipops explode with a single bite, and will be further indulged with a chocolate and coffee layered sponge cake and a chocolate rabbit’s clock that melts in ones mouth.

Finger sandwiches are served in a rainbow of colours, including ham and English mustard on yellow saffron bread and smoked salmon with cream cheese on green spinach bread. Traditional scones with clotted cream and jam will bring guests back to the real world during their fairytale tea.

For more info, please check out: 

torsdag 4. oktober 2012

Morning run

I never managed to go for a run yesterday as my Business Accounts took all day and most of the night, so I ended up going for a run this morning instead. It was crisp and cold, and with a stunning sun rise. Walking across Chelsea bridge with the sun reflecting in the Thames is such a luxurious feeling. And, I must admit, seeing all the workers in their suits run to work makes me appreciate this even more. I ended up doing two laps around Battersea Park - almost 8km. Now it is all about unregistered land for my practical legal property class tomorrow. 

P.s the picture is not taken this morning - it is the sunset from the day I went on a photo-exhibition to the park after my exam and arrived after sun set. But I want to share it with you as you can get an idea of how my morning started.. 

onsdag 3. oktober 2012

Contemplating a run

Not motivated today. The sun is shining outside, and I am sitting inside reading about business accounts.. Perhaps I should go for a run after all. It has been raining for the last couple of weeks, and it might be good to get some sun on my face. Also - Battersea Park is so beautiful in the sun.

I think I will finish my business accounts and then go for a run before I start my solicitors accounts. I'll let you know how many rounds in Battersea I'll take. One or two. I have my fingers crossed for two today :)


mandag 1. oktober 2012

Late night study

Late night study
A snap shot of my desk. Trying to ease the pressure by making small lists, time tables, and study plans. I love organisation, but sometimes you just have to do it. Just. do. it.